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Sewage pump

Our sewerage pump is a specialized devices designed for the effective pumping of slurry and other viscous fluids in residential, commercial & industrial settings.It is engineered to handle the toughest waste water and sewage applications .One of the notable feature of our pump is its ability withstand extensive wear and tear , making it durable and long –lasting solution.

Usage: Water
category: Pump
Tubewell Irrigation
Openwell Irrigation
River / Canel Irrigation
Power Plants
Water Supply- Urban & Rural
Sewage & Drainage
General Industry
Mine Dewatering
On Line Boosting
Oil/ Petroleum Transfer
Lubrication : Water/ Oil/ Grease
Drive : Electric Motor/ Diesel Engine
Bowl Casing- CI
Above / Under Ground Discharge
Impeller - Bronze/Ci/SS
Pump Shaft-SS/EN8
Nuts & Bolts-SS
Well Dia - 100mm to 250mm
Capacity- 3m3/hr. to 300m3/hr
Head upto 300Meters
Speed From 980 RPM - 3000 RPM
Motor Type-Solid Shaft/ Hollow Shaft
Power Rating upto 150HP