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Dewatering Pumps

Our powerfull dewatring pumps is the perfect solution for industrial and goverment projects.With its customized head and discharge, our pumps is engineered to meet your exact specification ,ensuring reliable and effective performance every time . It is equiped with double mechanical seal and offers superior protection against leakes and hazards. Designed with both functionality and durability in mind .

Usage: Water
category: Pump
Mines & Colleries Application
Pond Pumping
Lift Irrigation Schemes
Dewatering River Bed, Canel
Dam Sites
Flood Preventions
Pumping Stations
Cooling Water Supply
Strom Water Pumping
Pump Bowl/Housing-CI
Motor Housing - CI
Pump / Motor Shaft - EN8
Impeller - Bronze / SS
Suction Casing- CI
Discharge Casing -CI
Suction Strainer - MS/ SS
Mach Seal - SS vs C or SIC vs SIC
Bearing Type - BAll Bearing
Outlet Size upto 200mm
Capacity upto 3003/hr
Head upto 60meters
Motor Rating upto 75HP
Frequency - 50 Hz
Motor Synchronous - 1500/3000RMP
Maximum Solid Size upto 25mm