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Open Well Submersible Pumps(horizontal)

Our open well submersible pumps is the perfect solution for your pumping needs.It operates very quietly. Installation of the pumps is very easy as there is no need for a foundation.The compact design is suitable for any space. We designed the pump to work under wide voltage fluctuations, ensuring you always have a reliable source of water. Additionally our pumps can be made to suit the specific requirements of each buyer, ensuring that you get what you need.

Usage: Water
category: Pump
Well Irrigation
Booster Application
Water Supply Schemes
Fountains Installation
Lift Irrigation Schemes
Cooling -Air Conditioning
Drip - Sorinklers
Fire Fighting
Landscaping & Agriculture
Casing- CI/SS
Lead - PVC Insulated & PVC
Impeller - Bronze / SS
Sheathed Copper
Shaft - SS / EN8
Winding Wire - PVC/XLPE
Insulated Corpper
Nuts & Bolts - SS/MS
Hooks - Forged Steel
Capacity - 1500LPM
Head upto 30 Meters
Motor Rating upto 20 HP
Frequecy- 50 Hz
Synchronous Speed- 3000 RPM
Motor Type- Water Lubricated
Power Supply - 200V -240V/1 Phase
Outlet Size upto 3 Inches